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Personal Stylist to meet your individual needs:


I am offering a unique experience to an individuals to get a hands on experience with me. I will give you the same service I give to the many actors and actresses within the film world; a Hollywood experience if you like but in London.


My aim is to cater to every need when it comes to fashion; showing the insiders guide to best boutiques in London for every occasion. Perhaps you have a red carpet event or an important meeting where looking good is essential. I am there to take care of that and make sure you do. I will throw all my knowledge and passion into making you look amazing.


There are several ways in which I can accommodate you:


  • Take you to the shops directly advising you along the way make the right decisions whilst also showing you the hidden gems in London from east to west


  • Go shopping for you. If the thought of dragging yourself around the shops is not for you. Or simply there is no time. Or you want to remain anonymous. In this case I would bring the garments back to you, go through all the selections until you are happy; I would then return the rejects on your behalf.


  • If all you would like is for me to simply show you where the great little shops are in London and accompany you without advice that is also something I offer.


  • A fancy dress event.



It is important to me to find out the specific needs of the individual and tailor them to the individual. I will do a consolt with you in person or over the phone where I will really get a grasp on your personal style to enhance it not completly change it if you don't want me to. I will take your correct measurements which will be especially important for the gents reading this, as we all know a badly fitting suit is never a great look.


Services included in my fee:


  • My expertise of where to shop around London

  • My keen eye for detail and styling

  • A one to one consoltation on what you require from me

  • Returns if on the same day



Additional services I will provide not included in my fee:


  • Alterations

  • Dressing you for an event


Fees start at £300 per day based on one person.



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